Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our ultimate goal is providing our clients with STEADY outperformance IN ANY MARKET AND RISK CONDITION.

We utilize the latest techniques in Deep learning , creating our robot traders that develop their own logic on how to trade profitable in any asset class.
Each agent – trader has a separate goal to achieve.

Our risk management philosophy is underpinned by a belief that for years now, we have experienced an unusual market risk environment, where growth has been challenged, geopolitical risks have been added and a complicated fundamental picture has been created. Managing volatility, correlation, liquidity and event risk at the same time, has become a challenge.

We believe that this can best be handled by:

Focus on multi-level risk management including dynamic diversification.
Combining the power of 24/7 employed smart software with market-price driven quantitative methodologies appropriately diversified, calibrated and scaled to market and risk conditions.