US expert: SpeedLab technology pioneering New York

New York Quant expert Michael Carty says: “SpeedLab’s Quant-RoboTechnology is unique and enters at the right time.”

Chief Investment Officer Ioannis Poimenidis and his Speedlab team were invited to a chapter meeting by Michael Carty, President and Treasurer of the New York chapter of the QWAFAFEW Association, an organization and think tank for leading quantitative research and finance professionals: SpeedLab’s technology and strategic trading approach was probed by leading quant experts and experienced wall street traders. The result: Enthusiastic experts and an invitation to join the Association, as well as in-depth cooperation talks. “I haven’t seen any comparable approach in quantitative finance”, says Michael Carty, who has been in the financial algorithm business himself for many decades and is regarded as the ‘King of the quants’

Ioannis Poimenidis about the experience: “QWAFAFEW’s experts really know everything about quantitative approaches. We got a lot of detailed questions. And we are proud to recognize once more that we are spearheading the current quant approach on Wallstreet.”

“We knew that we are unique – but we were unaware how much and how strong the current demand in the United States is with regards to efficient quantitative niche products as provided those by SpeedLab”, so Marcus Böhm, CEO of SpeedLab.

“We are very happy about the proof of concept and technology by a capacity like Michael Carty. This is a corporate milestone and strong incentive for us going forward”, says Marcus Böhm. “We welcome in-depth discussions with Michael and are looking forward to a cooperation.”


Michael Carty provides more than 25 years of experience in active research, applied quantitative models, algorithms and asset management. One of the leading Wallstreet Quant experts, Michael Carty is President and Treasurer of the New York QWAFAFEW Chapter. Regarded as pioneer of the ETF-wave he developed the top 15 Lipper listed Value Line product, reviewed investment products for Dow Jones, FORTUNE, New York Board and Cowen. He also analyzed portfolios of BlackRock, Prudential Securities, and BP AMACO. Michael authored numerous articles for financial media and research media. He has given more than 1.000 radio interviews and commentaries all across America and is known from over 200 television appearances including at CNNfn’s Money Gang.

QWAFAFEW is an informal organization of leading U.S. financial services and asset management experts, who use quantitative methods. The aim of QWAFAFEW is to examine the financial markets. The organization has 13 chapters in leading U.S. financial centers, as well as in Tokyo. For the past 20 years now QAFAFEW is offering a platform for the who-is-who amongst quantitative researchers to discuss and share their research and achievements with colleagues.

Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 28 Jun
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