RoboTrade: Now operated by 80 Robots!

SpeedLab’s RoboTrade Fund is now run by an increased fleet of 80 Robots trading 16 markets – 15 currency and one commodity market.

A new currency pair, the Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc (CADCHF) has been added to the RoboTrade Fund. The RoboTrade Fund fleet has now grown to 80 robots, up from January’s 65 robots, trading 16 markets around the world. Leverage was kept at a very low risk level at same than previous month with maximum leverage of 4 (average of 1.5).

With regards to performance, month of July ended with a flat for RoboTrade Fund. The global currency markets were not moved greatly by volatility and rather going sideways. SpeedLab’s QuantRobots recognized this condition: The eAllocator (previsous version: PortLight 2.0) automated market analysis, an introduced software module in January, recommended a 40% investment shift into strategies for sideway movements.  This strategy also generated the biggest returns of all five strategies. The short-term trend following and short term breakout strategies, however, only accounted for small gains.

The proprietary eAllocator software module is designed to scan past volatility patterns and to derive how much money is to be worked by the robots in the various strategies based on strictly mathematical calculations.

RoboTrade Fund robots always are vested in all five market strategies at the same time. “They are programmed to minimize risk exposure while also making sure that possible gains from still-intact trends could be harvested,” explains SpeedLab CIO Ioannis Poimenidis. “PortLIGHT 2.0 is a smart system that automatically adjusts investments in the robo-portfolios depending of how and to what extent volatilities move currency markets,” he continues.

RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) is a Malta domiciled and BaFin registered Professional Investor Fund. It is based on SpeedLabs proprietary Quant-Robo-Technology, which has been designed to strictly minimize risk by keeping portfolio volatility on the lowest possible level.

Currently RoboTrade Fund manages 16 markets using 80 fully automated mathematical models (Robots). Since January 40 robots have been added to the RoboTrade fleet as well as two additional currency pairs. In the upcoming months additional markets and robots are planned.

Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 04 Aug
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