RoboTrade Fund: Now 17 Million EUR Assets under Management!

Month of august ends with 10 EUR million committed investments by German institutional investor in the RoboTrade Fund XP Share Class

RoboTrade Fund will reach a total of 17 million EUR assets under management. The Fund, that was launched in February 2016, has tripled its AUM since March 2016 as a German private bank purchases 100.000 shares of the funds XP Class end of August.

After six consecutive positive months August ended slightly negative for RoboTrade Fund with -0,4% (before fund costs).  With global currency markets showing little to no volatility and limited market liquidity markets were not able to develop clear trends. Hence all but one strategy, the Phantom C strategy, showed positive returns. SpeedLab’s proprietary eAllocator, by which investments are shifted automatically towards the most successful of the five strategies deployed, moved a total of 40% of investments in the portfolio to strategy model Phantom C accordingly. Backtesting for average downturn periods over 11 years, analysis suggests a typical 90-day downturn period per year. In case of maximum downturn of 192 days as in 2006, subsequent 152-day recovery ended at a +20% return.  Also the Quant RoboTechnology suggested adjustments to some of the Fund’s strategy models were required.  They have already been implemented. At SpeedLab regular parameter checks are conducted to ensure deployed strategy models are working correctly.

CIO Ioannis Poimenidis on the outlook for September: “With augmentation of the fund’s leverage to a maximum of 4 along with the raise in AUM positive effects are expected.”

RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) is a Malta domiciled and BaFin registered Professional Investor Fund. It is based on SpeedLabs’ proprietary Quant-RoboTechnology, which has been designed to strictly minimize risk by keeping portfolio volatility on the lowest possible level.

Currently RoboTrade Fund manages 16 markets using 80 fully automated mathematical models (Robots). Since January 40 robots have been added to the RoboTrade fleet as well as eight additional currency pairs. In the upcoming months additional markets and robots are planned.

Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 09 Sep
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