RoboTrade Fund: Bracing for upcoming volatility spikes

RoboTrade Technology in September reduced leverage as systems indicate high probability for near term volatility in currency markets.  

RoboTrade Fund ended for the third consecutive month on a slightly negative note with -0,32%. With low volatility and no clear trend development the system auto- reduced the leverage levels from maximum 4 (Average 1.5) to 2 (Average 0.8) in anticipation of a possible sudden countertrend.

Still, the majority of our trading models (three out of five) are generating positive returns on a year to year basis. The RoboTrade Fund consolidation phase still remains within normal parameters. Our historic analysis suggests that recovery may start within the next three months.

Historically, the ongoing one-year record low-volatility phase is sending most traditional strategies struggling for some performance. SpeedLab’s RoboTechnology systems which are strictly driven to minimize risk and drawdown levels indicate a sudden change in currency market volatility is likely to occur in the near future.

We added another two currency markets in September. With the additions of GBPCAD and GHFJPY the SpeedLab RoboTrade Fund robofleet has now grown to 90 robots total.


RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) is a Malta domiciled and BaFin registered Professional Investor Fund. It is based on SpeedLabs’ proprietary Quant-RoboTechnology, which has been designed to strictly minimize risk by keeping portfolio volatility on the lowest possible level.

Currently RoboTrade Fund manages 18 markets using 90 fully automated mathematical models (Robots). Since January 50 robots have been added to the RoboTrade fleet as well as eight additional currency pairs. In the upcoming months additional markets and robots are planned.

Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 05 Oct
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