SpeedLab News

  • SpeedLab portfolios gain on GBP Flash Crash

    The GBP Flash crash sends markets plunging overnight on October 6. SpeedLab’s shock-resistant Robos, however, were able to absorb the crash and generate profits! While the British pound lost up to 6% against the dollar within seconds over night for no fundamental reason, SpeedLab’s systems reacted instantly generating a positive portfolio returns of up to... » » »
  • RoboTrade Fund: Bracing for upcoming volatility spikes

    RoboTrade Technology in September reduced leverage as systems indicate high probability for near term volatility in currency markets.   RoboTrade Fund ended for the third consecutive month on a slightly negative note with -0,32%. With low volatility and no clear trend development the system auto- reduced the leverage levels from maximum 4 (Average 1.5) to 2... » » »
  • NEW: SpeedLab Pro-Trader-Service – Convert your MetaTrader Expert Advisor into MultiCharts!

    SpeedLab’s new service enables professional traders to translate their MetaTrader signals into the more advanced MultiCharts platform to reach a new client segment. “Our new service, the MetaTrader conversion Lab offers professional traders using MetaTrader software to convert their system into a MultiCharts based grade operation”, explains Ioannis Poimenidis, CIO of SpeedLab. In the financial... » » »
  • How the next InvestTech generation, the eAsset Managers, disrupt finance industry’s’ wealth management

    Expert Advisors find themselves outdated as a new breed of digital fund management – called eAsset Management solutions –  enter stage to roll up the institutional market. Robo investing, robo trading, algo trading, expert advisors or quants – these terms stand for automated trading systems that provide computer automated execution of investment strategies. After years... » » »
  • RoboTrade Fund: Now 17 Million EUR Assets under Management!

    Month of august ends with 10 EUR million committed investments by German institutional investor in the RoboTrade Fund XP Share Class RoboTrade Fund will reach a total of 17 million EUR assets under management. The Fund, that was launched in February 2016, has tripled its AUM since March 2016 as a German private bank purchases... » » »
  • INSIGHT: Interview with SpeedLab’s CIO Ioannis Poimenidis

    The Chief Investment Officer talks about the “magic sauce” of the company, and why the former Airforce pilot became an eQuant expert.   SpeedLab’s co-founder Ioannis Poimenidis also serves as head of the Research and Development Department of the company. He is considered the Robo Master Mind at SpeedLab, a company that says it’s objective is... » » »
  • Accenture: The Future of FinTech and Banking

    Digital revolution or redefinition? This Accenture report shows whether and how the banking world meets the FinTech challenge. The FinTech report is based on a global worldwide financial industry survey taken by CB insights in conjunction with Accenture’s survey of 25 innovation managers at banks. Global investment in FinTech ventures tripled to $12.21 billion in... » » »
  • 5 Reasons why Banks emerges as Winners of the FinTech Evolution

    The “digital revolution” driven by the FinTech sends worldwide banking into turmoil over the question whether and how a bank’s profitability can be maintained in the future. We have assembled five reasons that show that banks can emerge as winners. Five years ago, strategic heads in banking dismissed the FinTech world as a new playground... » » »
  • RoboTrade: Now operated by 80 Robots!

    SpeedLab’s RoboTrade Fund is now run by an increased fleet of 80 Robots trading 16 markets – 15 currency and one commodity market. A new currency pair, the Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc (CADCHF) has been added to the RoboTrade Fund. The RoboTrade Fund fleet has now grown to 80 robots, up from January’s 65... » » »
  • Michael Negel is SpeedLab’s new Managing Director

    Michael Negel joins SpeedLab GmbH as Managing Director in June.  He will be promote SpeedLab strategically and in sales efforts to position the company as leading „Quant eAsset Manager. “We look forward his insights and support.  We build on Michael Negel’s substantial experience in business and sales development. Mr Negel provides the strong network and... » » »
  • Marketing Alliance with salesheads AG

    SpeedLab launches German wide marketing initiative for RoboTrade Fund through salesheads AG, a leading financial marketing specialist. SpeedLab engaged salesheads AG to launch its monthly SpeedLab newsletter, the first of a series of marketing projects it plans with salesheads AG in Germany. The newsletter is to reach 6,000 institutional and professional investors in Germany. “We... » » »
  • A.T. Kearney: Roboinvesting will become mainstream by 2020

    The robo-market study by A.T. Kearney shows: RoboAdvisor services will manage $ 2 trillion US assets within the next four years. In their market study „Hype vs. reality: the coming waves of “RoboAdoption””  A.T. Kearney predicts rapid growth of the RoboAdvisor market. RoboAdvisors automate investment and trading processes using intelligent algorithms. The study entails the... » » »
  • 0.37% outperformance, despite BREXIT

    June returns were the strongest of the year for RoboTrade Fund (SICAV): + 0.37% at a Sharpe ratio of 1.59 despite high volatility caused by the UK EU exit vote. “June performance shows: Especially in crisis scenarios, such as the BREXIT, SpeedLab’s approach to trading and its proprietary Quant RoboTechnology have proven themselves again “,... » » »
  • SpeedLab enters the Swiss market Munich

    SpeedLab has taken first steps to open Switzerland for qualified professional investors. Using Hugo Fund Services SA for representation and payment agent Swissquote the course is all set for distribution in Switzerland. Hugo Fund Services and Swissquote are leading in the field of legal representation and payment services in Switzerland and strong partners for distribution... » » »
  • US expert: SpeedLab technology pioneering New York

    New York Quant expert Michael Carty says: “SpeedLab’s Quant-RoboTechnology is unique and enters at the right time.” Chief Investment Officer Ioannis Poimenidis and his Speedlab team were invited to a chapter meeting by Michael Carty, President and Treasurer of the New York chapter of the QWAFAFEW Association, an organization and think tank for leading quantitative... » » »
  • RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) available in Germany

    On April 12, 2016 RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) was officially approved by German financial authority, BaFin. Professional for distribution to professional investors in Germany. Sales in Germany is now kicked off: “We are very pleased that we can introduce our RoboTrade Fund niche product to the German market now. Many financial institutions are desperately looking for... » » »
  • Successful company presentation at the Sofitel in Munich

    SpeedLab introduced itself to the Munich financial world. Munich’s top asset managers have gathered to learn about the SpeedLab Forex/Commodity hedge fund products with great success. “We were happy about the turnout “, says Marcus Böhm, CEO of SpeedLab. “We have received feedback from participants that the market need for risk-controlled alternative investments providing a... » » »
  • SpeedLab releases its new RoboLIGHT 2.0 software

    This new module provides intelligent and automated weight allocation within RoboPortfolios…... » » »
  • SpeedLab launches its own, EU regulated hedge fund for Institutional Investors

    On January 25, SpeedLab launched RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) for qualified investors. The Malta domiciled EU regulated fund is manged by Altarius Asset Management Ltd. and administrated by Apex Fund Services Ltd. with Deloitte Audit as appointed auditor. SpeedLab AG Switzerland serves as fund advisor. The fund is available in two share classes, X and XP... » » »
  • SpeedLab introduces its innovative SAAS products for Institutional Clients: RoboReplicator and SpeedLab White Label…

    SpeedLab now provides hedge fund products as software-as-a-service offering for institutional investors. This new high-tech eAsset-Management service is available tailored hedge fund product either as RoboReplicator turnkey or SpeedLab White Label Alternative’s fully custom engineered solution. RoboReplicator: Clients will benefit from full QuantRobo Technology suite, which is replicated one:one onto client’s accounts. SpeedLab White Label... » » »