NEW: SpeedLab Pro-Trader-Service – Convert your MetaTrader Expert Advisor into MultiCharts!

SpeedLab’s new service enables professional traders to translate their MetaTrader signals into the more advanced MultiCharts platform to reach a new client segment.

“Our new service, the MetaTrader conversion Lab offers professional traders using MetaTrader software to convert their system into a MultiCharts based grade operation”, explains Ioannis Poimenidis, CIO of SpeedLab.

In the financial community MultiCharts is regarded as best in class of automated trading platforms. It has received numerous awards. But those algo traders, who consider transitioning to a more effective trading software, most likely do not have the expertise required to exploit the benefits of a more advanced platform such as MultiCharts.

For several years now, SpeedLab uses a multi-strategy and portfolio management approach based on MultiCharts trading systems leading the MultiCharts-customer list with 280 active robots.

“We offer the condensed SpeedLab know-how we accumulated over the years. SpeedLab initially started using MetaTrader 4 software and appreciated the software very much, quickly have come realize that for growth purposes we need a different software dimension. The conversion process was anything but easy. „ the CIO continues.

Here are four strong reasons why SpeedLab works with MultiCharts:

Scalability: MultiCharts allows software institutional level portfolio trading that used to be only accessible to institutional entities.

Backtesting power: MultiCharts backtesting is on bid and ask data and up to the analysis of tick level, providing very detailed and accurate backtesting reports. It also offers the ability to connect to multiple data sources such as Interactive Brokers, Bloomberg, FXCM, etc.

Optimization features:  MultiCharts improvements on their portfolio backtester, offer advanced and reliable optimization capabilities and includes use of 280 indicators.

Compatibility: MultiChart’s multi-broker automated trading capabilities and Easy-Language Software, which is an industry standard, provides us with ability to tie into other systems easily, an important factor for growing a business into a retail operation.

Transitioning from MetaTrader to MultiCharts can turn out to be expensive and time consuming and may cause loss of income for the trader. The SpeedLab’s professional team provides a fast solution based on many years of experience and includes training users in the new trading system.

Additional features and comparative charts can be found on SoftwareInsider.


About MultiCharts:

Multicharts offers software system packages for Professional automated multi-broker trading, charting and Backtesting based on EasyLanguage scripts allowing users to build and manage expert advisors. The international award-winning trading platform of MultiCharts offers a broad range of features including professional charting, indicators and strategies, precision back testing, genetic optimization as well as automatic trade execution. Users can choose from a wide range of data feeds and brokers. MultiCharts services are not only for Forex and futures trading, but also can for the automated trading of shares, bonds, funds and EFTs.


About MetaTrader:

MetaTrader’s been on the market since 2009. It is currently one of the most popular and widespread free trading platform for trading Forex, futures and CFDs are two versions (MetaTrader 4 and 5) on the market and is based on the programming language MQL. The software allows the development of trading strategies, online trading and performing statistical analyses.


Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 20 Sep
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