Michael Negel is SpeedLab’s new Managing Director

Michael Negel joins SpeedLab GmbH as Managing Director in June.  He will be promote SpeedLab strategically and in sales efforts to position the company as leading „Quant eAsset Manager.

“We look forward his insights and support.  We build on Michael Negel’s substantial experience in business and sales development. Mr Negel provides the strong network and IPO-experience that we need to take the company to the next level,” says SpeedLab AG CEO Marcus Böhm.

“SpeedLab represents an exciting opportunity as the FinTech trend is about to reach its pinnacle,” says Michael Negel. ”SpeedLab’s growth potential is enormous. I look forward to lifting its potential and promoting a company’s growth, whose financial products are to provide a future market for banks and insurers “, the new Managing Director explains.

Michael Negel defines the next corporate milestone: A strategic partnership with a well-known German financial entity. “A partnership, that will create synergies and volume and will put pressure on other banks. Next we intend to expand to the United States, which is regarded the FinTech worldwide”, he concludes.


About Michael Negel:  Michael Negel is an equity investor in SpeedLab AG, the through his investment company MCA Investment & Technologies GmbH. During his 30-year career in sales and business development he took eight German high-tech companies public including companies in the chip, consumer electronics, alternative energy business.

Known to be a sales wizard, Michael grew public HPI AG (formerly part of Hoechst Group) from a 30 Mio. Euro to a 115 Mio. Euro revenue business within two years. He started is successful career as shareholder and chairman of board of Consumer Electronic AG, the world’s largest Chip-Broker which he integrated into HPI AG using a buy-and-build approach.

Michael is member of Senate of the European Economic Association (Europäischer Wirtschaftssenat e.V.), member of economics senate of Germany’s SME Association (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft), member of the economics senate Bavaria (Wirtschaftssenat Bayern e.V.), member of the German SME Union (Mittelstands-Union) as well as a member of the OAV East-Asia Association (OAV-Ost-Asien-Verband).

Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 16 Jul
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