Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our ultimate goal is providing our clients with STEADY outperformance IN ANY MARKET AND RISK CONDITION.

We are driven by an absolute return approach based is based on minimizing market correlations using a multi-level risk management approach. (link to risk management)

Our risk management philosophy is underpinned by a belief that for years now, we have experienced an unusual market risk environment, where growth has been challenged, geopolitical risks have been added and a complicated fundamental picture has been created. Managing volatility, correlation, liquidity and event risk at the same time, has become a challenge.

We believe that this can best be handled by:

Focus on multi-level risk management including dynamic diversification.
Combining the power of 24/7 employed smart software with market-price driven quantitative methodologies appropriately diversified, calibrated and scaled to market and risk conditions.

As a mainstay of our technology our systems constantly monitors correlations of positions in REAL-TIME to ensure performance stability!

Also, SpeedLab’s investment process is not based on high frequency trading, but rather on strategic execution with trading windows of 1, 3 or 4 hours.