INSIGHT: Interview with SpeedLab’s CIO Ioannis Poimenidis

The Chief Investment Officer talks about the “magic sauce” of the company, and why the former Airforce pilot became an eQuant expert.  

SpeedLab’s co-founder Ioannis Poimenidis also serves as head of the Research and Development Department of the company. He is considered the Robo Master Mind at SpeedLab, a company that says it’s objective is to provide banks and financial service providers with access to the financial digital asset management world. It’s unique “Quant eAsset management solutions” for institutional investors are specialized quant fund products based on fully automated Robo-intelligence.

Ioannis, what is SpeedLab’s magic sauce?

SpeedLab has two things that make the company stand out: First, a unique investment philosophy. Second, our proprietary self-adjusting smart RoboTechnology.

Let’s talk about the technology: How do your intelligent robots work?

We have automated complex quantitative rules-based algorithms that are self-directed. We call them robots. They scan the markets in real time 24/7. As soon as relevant patterns are verified they will not only execute their long/short strategies, but also make necessary adjustments in the allocation: They act self-directed making sure that the most successful strategies will have most investment dollars.

Describe your investment philosophy and what strategies do you use!

SpeedLab has the following five specific investment philosophy beliefs: First and second – it is fully and completely geared towards risk management. Risk management is the red thread throughout all operations, starting with strict diversification, uncorrelated strategies, cash and investment management style, portfolio approach all through the way we run the business. Third, all of our phantom strategies run at the same time as a portfolio. Fourth, our robots scan primary technical indicators. That’s because we believe the market price is the only true indicator. Fifth: only liquid markets by which we avoid slippage effects, i.e. we ensure that all our orders can always be executed.

How good are your strategies and Robos?

The proof is in the pudding. As a chef you can only a menu is great, when it passes the tasting. We able to prove the strength of our Robos over the past two years: with double-digit total returns, low volatility, high Sharpe ratio and very short recovery times we have consistently outperformed our major benchmarks.

Prior to SpeedLab that you have worked in the Greek Airforce for fifteen years not only as Director of Data & Research but as a fighter pilot. What of this experience is planted into SpeedLab’s DNA?

It may surprise you, but a fighter pilot and investment manager / trader have much in common. Both need to rely on a strategy they have to develop and to master to perfection. One, for which they also need to have a risk backup considering all kinds of worst case scenarios.

However, for a pilot, absolute precision is not only mission critical but lifesaving. Therefore, I am taking may work painstakingly serious! I have developed the technology as the founder of the SpeedLab as a fighter pilot – focused on the essential, robust, tested, reliable and fast acting.

After your military why did you go into the Quant-Robo-business?

It was the next logical step for me. After university and my military service, I just wanted to prove to myself that I can take the essence of both worlds and turn it into a profitable business model. Of course, Wall Street was calling but what rather had me interested was discovering the mechanisms behind successful stock market trading.  Therefore, I started to test strategies, to write algorithms and to learn knowing that hard work and mental commitment will pay off in the end.

What is FinTech to you – evolution or revolution?

This is a chicken or egg question. It is both. FinTech was started by a few smart people initially, that were able to spark a revolution in small sectors that has turned into an evolution. I hope we are part of those few people.

Where is SpeedLab heading?

Oh, we have very ambitious ideas: we strive to be the next European ‘Renaissance Technologies’. This company is known worldwide as the most successful Quant Fund Manager. However, it is our goal to provide any asset manager with access to our technology. We want to be the catalyst that helps them to reinvent their traditional asset management business.


About Ioannis Poimenidis:

Ioannis Poimenidis is co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of SpeedLab heading risk management, research- and development of the company. Ioannis is regarded an outspoken expert in Forex, in electronic trading platforms and big data management and statistical analysis. A former Forex affiliate-IB for the easy forex company in Greece. Prior, Ioannis served the Hellenic air force as a fighter pilot and Director of the military research & data for fifteen years.  A student of Nottingham Trent University in England, he received his MBA degree with honors. Ioannis also studied at the Greek Air Force Academy, where he completed his degree in aviation. Ioannis is a member of ATA ssn (Algorithmic Traders Association) and QUAFAFEW Chapter New York (Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education, and Wisdom).

About SpeedLab AG

SpeedLab AG is an alternative investment management firm. It specializes in Quantitative eAsset Management solutions for institutional clients: The Company develops computer automated quantitative fund products. It automates complex mathematical rules (robots) to buy and sell securities to minimize risk and generate a solid performance in any market condition.

Its unique proprietary Quant RoboTechnology systematically manages strictly diversified a variety of strategies and portfolios at the same time, around the clock. SpeedLab currently is operating one of the largest robofleets in the market with more than 240 robots deployed.

At present, Speedlab offers two eQuant Forex product categories: It’s RoboTrade Fund (SICAV / ISIN: MT7000015061), which is an EU-regulated, BaFin (Germany) registered qualified professional investors fund. The company also offers custom tailored eQuant Forex products catering to a client’s individual risk profile.

Speedlab AG was founded in Switzerland in 2014 in Cham and maintains Speedlab GmbH, its fully owned distribution operations based in Munich, Germany. Speedlab AG is a member of the Swiss Financial Services.

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