eAsset Management

eAsset Management

eAsset Management uses automated asset management processes. It is the art of translating typical asset management know-how and functions into an automated digital process to facilitate concurrent management of highly complex multi-level risk, market research, money and trading management processes.

Traditional asset managers find it hard to stay competitive 24/7 without digital assistance. Fast or strategic decision making the light of sheer flood of market moving information, geopolitical and event impacts has become key ingredient in wealth generation.

We have screened literally hundreds of systems over the past years to find the best working digital asset management tools. However, we found most of these systems to be inefficient with only few exceptions like Renaissance Technologies.

This journey has provided us with enough inspiration to develop our own proprietary system: An end-to-end solution, a mathematically based algorithmic and process solution, that would reflect the best in breed technology and best practice processes.

Striving to be at the forefront of eAsset Management world, we setup our own technology laboratory based on the following four fundamental beliefs:

  1. eAsset Management is a must have for the modern asset manager.
  2. eAsset Performance is achieved by automated and seamlessly applied quantitative risk management methods.
  3. eAsset Investments should be 100% liquid.
  4. eAsset Management leadership requires proprietary in-house R&D based on strict quality software and data control.