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NEW: SpeedLab Pro-Trader-Service – Convert your MetaTrader Expert Advisor into MultiCharts!

SpeedLab’s new service enables professional traders to translate their MetaTrader signals into the more advanced MultiCharts platform to reach a new client segment. “Our new service, the MetaTrader conversion Lab offers professional traders using MetaTrader software to convert their system into a MultiCharts based grade operation”, explains Ioannis Poimenidis, CIO of SpeedLab. In the financial
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How the next InvestTech generation, the eAsset Managers, disrupt finance industry’s’ wealth management

Expert Advisors find themselves outdated as a new breed of digital fund management – called eAsset Management solutions –  enter stage to roll up the institutional market. Robo investing, robo trading, algo trading, expert advisors or quants – these terms stand for automated trading systems that provide computer automated execution of investment strategies. After years
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RoboTrade Fund: Now 17 Million EUR Assets under Management!

Month of august ends with 10 EUR million committed investments by German institutional investor in the RoboTrade Fund XP Share Class RoboTrade Fund will reach a total of 17 million EUR assets under management. The Fund, that was launched in February 2016, has tripled its AUM since March 2016 as a German private bank purchases
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