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INSIGHT: Interview with SpeedLab’s CIO Ioannis Poimenidis

The Chief Investment Officer talks about the “magic sauce” of the company, and why the former Airforce pilot became an eQuant expert.   SpeedLab’s co-founder Ioannis Poimenidis also serves as head of the Research and Development Department of the company. He is considered the Robo Master Mind at SpeedLab, a company that says it’s objective is
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Accenture: The Future of FinTech and Banking

Digital revolution or redefinition? This Accenture report shows whether and how the banking world meets the FinTech challenge. The FinTech report is based on a global worldwide financial industry survey taken by CB insights in conjunction with Accenture’s survey of 25 innovation managers at banks. Global investment in FinTech ventures tripled to $12.21 billion in
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5 Reasons why Banks emerges as Winners of the FinTech Evolution

The “digital revolution” driven by the FinTech sends worldwide banking into turmoil over the question whether and how a bank’s profitability can be maintained in the future. We have assembled five reasons that show that banks can emerge as winners. Five years ago, strategic heads in banking dismissed the FinTech world as a new playground
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RoboTrade: Now operated by 80 Robots!

SpeedLab’s RoboTrade Fund is now run by an increased fleet of 80 Robots trading 16 markets – 15 currency and one commodity market. A new currency pair, the Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc (CADCHF) has been added to the RoboTrade Fund. The RoboTrade Fund fleet has now grown to 80 robots, up from January’s 65
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