0.37% outperformance, despite BREXIT

June returns were the strongest of the year for RoboTrade Fund (SICAV): + 0.37% at a Sharpe ratio of 1.59 despite high volatility caused by the UK EU exit vote.

“June performance shows: Especially in crisis scenarios, such as the BREXIT, SpeedLab’s approach to trading and its proprietary Quant RoboTechnology have proven themselves again “, so CIO Ioannis Poimenidis.

Britain’s decision to exit the EU came as a shock and contrary to general expectation and projections. SpeedLabs short-term trading robots responded and took profits. When medium-term robots detected a change in trend, positions along the trend were immediately opened incurring a slight loss at first as central banks intervened to prevent further depreciation in the GBP, CHF and JPY.

RoboTrade Fund (SICAV) is German BaFin regulated professional investor fund that currently trades 15 markets (forex and commodities) using more than 75 automated mathematic models (robots). Since January 2016 another 35 robots have been added to the RoboTrade fleet. Further increase of robots and addition of markets are scheduled for release until year’s end. RoboTrade Fund is based on SpeedLab’s of proprietary Quant-RoboTechnology. The technology is primarily geared towards strict risk mitigation and represents the company’s core competency and philosophy.

Posted by SpeedLab AG / Posted on 10 Jul
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